Friday, December 31, 2010

December's Challenge: Glass

"Letter" by Bonnie Hobbs
"Liz" 6x6 by Mary Sheehan Winn

"Sea Glass" by Nancy Colella

"Orange Roses" by Lisa Daria

"Cranberry Cordial" by Tori Brega

"The Candy Shop" by Sally Dean

"Mintini" by Kelley MacDonald

"Warm Glass" by Page Railsback

"Plastic Glasses" by Paula Villanova

"Tangerine Glass" by Jeanne MacFarland

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Challenge: "Spirit"

"Spirit of 1934"  by Bonnie Hobbs

"Spiritual Energy"

May you be filled with Loving Kindness
May you be at Peace
May you be safe from Inner and Outer Harm and Danger
May you be Happy

"Santa Paws"
6 x 6
Lisa Daria
Tori Brega

Any excuse to add another to a series of "Holy Cow " images, one of my favorite subjects.
Each one seems to emerge with a different attitude.

"School Spirit"
10 x 10
Nancy Colella

To me, there is nothing more emotionally moving and spiritual than a marching band.
I get so worked up, sometimes I even cry!
The reference photo for this was taken as the U Mass Marching Band
marched by us at a football game.
I was enthralled.

Sally Dean

I have been going to different churches a lot lately. I consider myself a spiritual person, but not religious.
I don't really know where I belong, but I like comparing the different philosophies and seeing where the connections are.
I do believe in love and kindness. That's pretty universal.

Kelley MacDonald
I eschewed my initial inclination to paint something 'spiritual' or showing holiday 'spirit' for reasons explained on my blog. I do enjoy the colors, sparkle and liveliness of cocktails, and their bottles are endlessly interesting to me. I could stand in the Package Store and just LOOK at the bottles on the shelves...

"Wendell my feline Spirit"
After trying to conjure up a painting of something spiritual I realized that this one says it all.

"Guardian Spirit" by Paula Villanova

"All About El"
Joan Brancale
Whenever I'm having a good time, cooking or spending on clothes.. I think of my Mom. She's my spirit--and she had so much spirit!-- fun, practical and tough. Ella May loved a few luxuries like Joy perfume or her old mink coat which was re-modelled over the years--I still have a remnant of soft beautiful fur. The touch of it reminds me of sitting next to her and enjoying its warmth and her scent.

Soaking In The Spirit
Jeanne MacFarland

Ah, experiencing the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit, there's
 nothing like it.  All peace, all contentment and such love!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

November Challenge: Fashion

"Trio" 6x6 by Paula Villanova

"Fifteen Year Old Faves" by Page Railsback

"Window Shopping" by Lisa Daria

"Fashion" by Jeanne MacFarland

My New Favorite Shoes
Sensible and fun!
10 x 10
Nancy Colella

"Carolina Herrera's Runway" by Kelley MacDonald

"I B Funky Girl" by Tori Brega

"Sunday at the Museum"by Sally Dean 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September's Theme: Doors

Red Door
Purple Door
"Door At Cluny Abbey"
by Kelley Carey MacDonald
"Square Door"
by Page Railsback
City Portal acrylic and mixed media on panel

Hot Dog Cart Door by Paula V
"Non Entrare" By Victoria Brega
 "Farewell" By Bonnie Hobbs

"Let it Snow"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Challenge - THE SUN

This month, appropriately for August, when the sun is a huge factor in our day, we have chosen to depict "The Sun"... hope you enjoy our different takes on it!

"Hazy, Hot and Humid" 6 x 6 by Nancy Colella

"Sol" 6"x6" by Paula Villanova

Assemblage of the Sun by Tori Brega

Early Morning by Page Railsback

End Of The Day Sizzle, by Kelley Carey MacDonald

Sun Kissed by Franny Andahazy

Sunrise Over Cohasset by Jeanne MacFarland

THE SUN by Sally Dean

"Ancient Sun" 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July - Fur, Fin, and or Feathers

6 x 6
by Kelley MacDonald

"Cedar Sentry"
6 x 6
Nancy Colella

Page Railsback

"Sandy Neck Seagulls in Flight"
Bonnie Hobbs

Tori Brega

Jeanne MacFarland

"Moment of Zen"

by Paula Villanova

Franny Andahazy 

 SOLD  "The Boss" 6x6  by Mary Sheehan Winn

Winnie and Ollie 8"x8" 
acrylic on canvas board by Sally Dean

"Cabin Fever"