Monday, October 1, 2012

September's Challenge: Chic

"Red Lipstick ~ Always Chic And Kissable"
by Pam Copeman

Fashion Week 
8 x 8 

Our new member, Pam Copeman, is an accomplished designer 
 and is the most chic and glamourous woman I know. 
She went to Fashion Week NYC last month (as a guest of Jason Wu!
so in her honor, 
I did this from an image on her blog. 

 "Pop Art Pam"
What Nancy said. When we met last month (sans Pam who came up with the theme but was at Fashion Week, and did Nancy mention Jason Wu?) we decided, (without her knowledge) that since we think she embodies "chic" that we should use Pam as our chic subject, however we chose...literally or conceptually.

"Never Too Many"
I followed Pam while she was at Fashion Week on Twitter
so I got up to the minute updates on what she was seeing and modeling. 

 "Shake All Your Blues Away" 

Pam is the epitome of "chic".  Interestingly, she bears a strong resemblance to 
famed dancer Ann Miller, elegant, energetic and chic.  
Here's Pam as Ann Miller (Nadine Hale) in "Easter Parade", one of my favorite movies.

 "The Chic Twist"  5" x 7"

"Miss Pamela Takes New York" 

"Our Lady Queen of Chic" - mixed media collage on panel
by Tori Brega

                              "The Picture of Chic" by Jeanne MacFarland

Chic-est Gal in Town by Page Railsback

"Chic Artist "by Sally Dean
I love how Pam looks awesome even while working in oil paints.

"Chic Red"
Mary Sheehan Winn