Saturday, June 1, 2019

May 2019 Challenge: "Fashion"

I love all the visual aspects of Fashion: the design, the fabrics, the colors, and  the glamour of it all.  Lately I've also been challenging myself to explore the deeper meaning of Fashion~ as an engine of change and a way to express personal beliefs and values.  I hope that you enjoy this month's painting that are sure to encompass all aspects of Fashion as we see it.   xo, Pam

Pink Pussycats, 12x9, oil byPamela Copeman

"Pretty In Pink" 8x8 inch acrylic by Kelley Carey MacDonald
I think Fashion is not just for people!

"RBG" 12x9 Acrylic by Sally Dean Mello

"The Most Mod" 4x7 gouache by Jeanne MacFarland

"Wedding Fashion" drawing by Margaret Farrell Bruno
How beautiful are wedding dresses. The best of fashion.

"Royal Escort" by Jody Regan - A royal wedding is the height of fashion.

"Fashionable Colleague" (stay tuned, not completed yet) by Paula Villanova 20x20
There are those people in your life that just have that flair for everything.

"Beach Attire" by Page Railsback