Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Challenge: Paint Like Matisse

"Inspired by Matisse" 5x7 inches Acrylic by Kelley MacDonald
I was mostly through this painting when I realized the inspiration by Matisse was actually done in cut paper.  Live and learn.

based on Matisse's The Young Sailor

"Inspired By Matisse" by Mary Sheehan Winn

Color Wheel 
8 x 8
papiers decoupes'

"The Homme Stretch" 8"x8" by Page Railsback

Window without Forget-Me-Nots, 6" x 6", acrylic
Based on Window with Forge-Me-Nots
Lisa Daria Kennedy

"With Apologies to Matisse" 6" x 6" by Paula V

Jeanne MacFarland
"Inspired by Laurette in Green Robe"

"Tamburina" in Matisse's house
6"x6" oil on panel by Sally Dean

Une Vache a la Matisse by Tori Brega

Inspired by Matisse "Harmony in Red"
 6 x 6 oil by Jody Regan