Saturday, December 1, 2012

November's Challenge: Paint Like Van Gogh

 Victoria Chesley Brega after Vincent Van Gogh

Poires by Pamela Copeman
Oil Paint Ove Gold And Copper Gilt

"After Starry Night" by Kelley Carey MacDonald 8x8 inches, Oil
"This is one of my favorite pieces of Van Gogh's, and after trying to copy it I have newfound respect for Vincent, and the hundreds of brushstrokes, all in line in terms of value, that he used."

"Luis", 8x8 Inches, Oil by Sally Dean 

"Color in a painting is like enthusiasm in life"
Vincent Van Gogh
6 x 6 oil by Nancy Colella 

Pictou Hay Bales 6x6 oil on panel

 Van Gogh Color   4" x 4"
by Lisa Daria Kennedy

"Outside Wheelchair' 6"x6" by Paula Villanova
What does it mean to paint like Van Gogh? To paint nature, and/or humanity, including its ills and everydayness, and give it presence.
FIELD by Page Railsback