Kelley Carey MacDonald

Kelley loves everything about painting but the clean up!  She adores the fierce and passionate women in this group and treasures our meetings.  She learns so much from all the other painters, and loves our history as well as our embrace of our artistic future!

"I belong to the North River Art Society, in Marshfield, MA, and I teach there and love every moment.  I am a exhibiting member of the historic Providence Art Club and have taught there, as well as the Bristol Art Museum.  I love to travel and paint, or sit at my easel and paint!  Not tied to one style or method, I am open to trying new things and learning different ways to translate what is in my heart and mind to a 2D surface."

In February 2019, Kelley will travel with fellow GJWP artist Paula Villanova to teach a workshop in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  The link to that opportunity is: 

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