Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The October Gathering

Hard to take a photo that everyone looks good in - believe it or not this one was the best! Bonnie Hobbs, left standing; Jeanne MacFarland seated in front of her; Sally Dean next to the right, then across the table is Kelley MacDonald , then Nancy Colella; then Joan Brancale. We gathered in Nancy's Studio surrounded by her wonderful artwork, and ate - what else? Mushroom pizza, and stuffed mushrooms, among other things. That, I think, is an advantage women painters have over men painters - we are at least familiar with making food, and have picked up some great recipes by the time you get to our point in life, so our gatherings are DELICIOUS as well as inspiring! We missed Paula and Page and Mary and Franny - next month!


  1. BE there next time!!!! It would be a better picture if it had you, Paula & Page!