Saturday, January 2, 2010

December - "Lamp" Challenge

Bonnie Hobb's Lamp

Joan Brancale's "Just Checking"

"Mood Light" by Franny Andahazy

"Bedroom Light" by Page Railsback

Jeanne MacFarland

"Little Light," by Paula Villanova

"Warm Light" by Nancy Colella

"Basking Clementines" by Mary Sheehan Winn

Kelley MacDonald - "Stuff On My Mantel", 6x6 Acrylic

'Shadow Dance', 6x6 by Tori Brega

Sally Dean "Shed some Light on the Subject" 6 by 6" oil on panel


  1. Paula that's the Christmas Tree shop lamp :D
    I opted out of that one this time. It's a beautiful painting!

  2. What do you mean Christmas Tree Shop? Well, I never....But was a Macy's sale on "faux" Tiffany! (The plastic shade on the matching one broke....big surprise!) Thanks...and I really like yours too...aren't the clementines great right now?

  3. these Daileys are absolutely wonderful.
    Good job Paula.

  4. Ok guys! I am finally entering the real world and figuring out this whole blog thing. So this is where you put the comments! I love this's, well, challenging. I love an assignment. I think everyone enjoys painting lamps - of any kind. They really do have a personality.
    Good job everyone. Love Page's!

  5. You guys are all awesome in your different ways! Great jobs!

  6. Whoa, Bonnie. Great painting.
    Love the abstract Page, painting and 'Bubba' reading the paper. Franny, good mood!
    You ladies Rock!

  7. Wow Mary! I had no idea you had a Challenge Group too. I dropped by this blog after your comment on our Moses Botkin Challenge for January.

    I love all the paintings month after month! I'm especially impressed that you gather in person as a group. Being near enough to do that must be wonderful.

    I look forward to seeing your January Challenge. When does that come out?

  8. Love the lamp paintings! Nice idea to share a blog.

  9. How have I missed this fun group and your wonderful paintings til now. Geesh. Fab work everyone!

  10. Diana, the January post will be uploaded the last day of the month! Thanks for your kind words! Thanks Kathy! Liz, thanks for stopping by!