Friday, March 1, 2013

February Challenge - Tropical

"Corona Beer" 6x6 by Paula Villanova

Fun in the Sun 8x8 Page Railsback

Kalopa Mauka  Road, Hawaii

Snappy Fish 6 x 8

8 X 8
by Jeanne MacFarland

"Tropical Hangover"- 4"x4" acrylic
by Lisa Kennedy

Sunburn Cheeks~ Pamela Copeman6"x 6" Oil
"One For Me, One For You" 6x6 Inches by Kelley MacDonald

"Tropical Roses" 6x6 oil on panel
Mary Sheehan Winn

"Orchid Study" by Tori Brega

"After Hours" by Joan Brancale

 "From Noel Coward's Firefly - Jamaica"
by Jody Regan       6 x 6 oil


  1. What a fun challenge. I think you gave us a little of everything...we could go for a the bar...take the suitcase for our trip...chairs to relax, roads to explore...surfin fun where we got a little sunburn...swim with the fish and then enjoy a drink for and a drink for me. What a great tropical adventure!