Monday, February 1, 2016

January's Challenge: Referencing the Golden Section

One example of an illustration of the proportions determined in the "Golden Section."

 "Seaside Houses in Gloucester" by Paula Villanova

Sally Dean "The Golden Mean"And a nod to Fibonacci Sequence

"Studio Lights" by Mary Sheehan Winn

"Sunlight Service" by Victoria Chesley Brega

"Blue Shed at Sunset" by Jeanne MacFarland

Cuttyhunk Beach by Kelley MacDonald

""Em's Desk" by Pamela Copeman

"Weekend Getaway" 16 x 12 oil by Jody Regan


  1. Several of my artists friends first introduced me to the golden section in the '70's. Summering out in the Hampton's we were able to see some great shows. I love this month's topic. Harry Nadler's work based on the Golden Section is in Gallery Four in Tiverton Four Corners. His work is heavily based on this. Love these all, but Paula and Mary, I have a fondness for both your paintings.

    1. Thank you Susan for your kind words and for the Harry Nadler info!

    2. ...and thank you for visiting our blog!

  2. I don't know that how to use these apps. Can you give me some suggestion through by your post.Thanks.