Friday, February 1, 2019

January 2019 Challenge: "Paint Like Klimt"

"Tete-a-Tetes" 10"x30" Acrylic by Paula Villanova
Gotta paint like me, but it was ok this month to use Klimt as inspiration as I painted my gift of 

"BFF's" 9x12, Acrylic WIP, by Kelley MacDonald
I was inspired by Klimt's entwined figures and his decorative swirls and gold paint.  My two kitties, Harry (orange) and Isabelle (tortie) love to play, if not snuggle.

"Portrait Study Influenced by Klimt", Mixed mediums, by Margaret Farrell Bruno
I thought it would be fun to paint my granddaughter and allow swirls and scrolls represent the fun and excitement of thought process within a child, but leave one side quiet and contemplative, too.

"Kimono" 6x12 oil by Jeanne MacFarland
Influenced by Klimt's free flowing decorative style
"Terrazza" 14"x11" Acrylic by Page Pearson Railsback

"A Guernsey in Klimt's Garden" 13"x15 " acrylic 
Victoria Chesley Brega
"Klimt was a master of beautifully observed pattern, it was also just time to work another of my favorite subject into our challenge."

A Portrait of Klimt
12"x 9" acrylic 
"I was inspired to try to capture his likeness. and I added some of his signature patterning behind him."

"A Glimpse of Klimt and Me" 12"x12" by Pamela Copeman

"Westward a la Klimt" acrylic 10 x 8 by Jody Regan  
I painted a familiar landscape using Klimt's circle motifs to shift through the brilliant light.  

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