Saturday, February 1, 2020

January 2020 Challenge: "Chinese New Year"

“Rooster” 8” x 8” Acrylic by  Victoria Chesley Brega 
I was born in the year of the rooster, and love painting birds....

"Monkey" Pastel by Margaret Farrell Bruno
I illustrated a book called My Little Friend Goes To The Zoo a few years back,
 all about a group of monkeys that find a child's toy. 
How appropriate that my year is the year of the monkey.

"May All Your Wishes Come True" 10x20 Acrylic by Kelley MacDonald
I love Chinese New Year, and all the prosperity wishes, and wishes for happiness not to mention the beautiful decor!

"Celebrate" 8x10 Oil by Pamela Copeman
I am fascinated by the bright colors of the Chinese New Year most especially in fashion!

"Ancient Culture" by Mary Sheehan Winn
4x4 Ink and Watercolor 
I have always loved Asian Art and culture. I worked in a Chinese Restaurant for 10 years and got to experience the authentic New Year celebration in Chinatown, with my bosses and coworkers! 

"Year of the Rat" by Sally Dean
8"x8" watercolor on paper
2020 is the year of the rat!
They are smart, just don't want one in my house....

"Rabbit" by Jeanne MacFarland, drawing on toned paper,
 graphite and colored pencil
I was born in the year of the rabbit

"Dragon Parade" ink and watercolor by Jody Regan
"Hot Pot" 8x8 by Page Railsback
"Year of the Rat" by Paula Villanova 12x12 Acrylic

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