Monday, April 1, 2013

March Challenge: Sunlight

"After A Long Winter" 6x6 Inch Acrylic by Kelley MacDonald

"Soft Sunlight" 6 x 8 oil by Nancy Colella

"Corner Takeout" 6 x 6 by Paula Villanova

"It's Been a Long Winter" 8"x8" oil by Sally Dean

"First Light, Watchick Lake" by Tori Brega
NYC Sunlit Water Tower, 6" x 6" acrylic by Lisa Daria

"Ahhh, the Sun is Out" 6x6 oil by Pamela Copeman

 "Don't Walk" 6 x 6 oil  by Jody Regan

"Sunlit Palms" 6x6 oil on panel
by Mary Sheehan Winn

The Artist's Life

  "Aspirations" 14"X18" Water Media Study by Tori Chesley Brega  “Sometimes we soar, sometimes crash and burn;  striving...