Monday, November 1, 2021

October Challenge: "Pink and Orange"

"Boston Icon" Acrylic 12"x12" by Paula Villanova
Everybody at the meeting loves when the tray of coffee comes through the door.

"Ribbon Candy Sunset" 11"x14" Oil by Pamela Copeman

"Plus Turquoise" 12"x12" Acrylic by Tori Brega
A mandala using elements from my garden, I couldn’t help myself from adding turquoise to make the oranges and pinks sing… The central hand and heart are a symbol of their unity in one’s best creative process.

“Pink and Orange Tulips” 8x10 Sketchbook pen, ink, watercolor

"Color Study, Island Sunset" 5"x7"Pastel by Margaret Farrell Bruno

"Pink Blanket" ink, watercolor & marker  9 x 9 by Jody Regan. Mighty Fred is one of my favorite subjects.  He loves this throw, but only on the pink side, never on its striped side.  Texture?  Color? Pattern?  Who knows?

"Pink Hat"  8x8, oil by Jeanne MacFarland 

"Ecstatic" 12x12 Mixed media on cradled board by Kelley Carey MacDonald
Orange and pink are such joyous colors, and they bring to mind happy times, sunny weather and flowers!

"Blue Bird of Happiness"  

Still processing the wedding last weekend in Maine of my oldest daughter!

30"x40" acrylic on canvas 

( work in progress) by Sally Dean

The Artist's Life

  "Aspirations" 14"X18" Water Media Study by Tori Chesley Brega  “Sometimes we soar, sometimes crash and burn;  striving...