Friday, January 20, 2023

Kelley MacDonald's Show Opening Sunday!

 From 12-4 on Sunday, January 22 Kelley will be one of the artists featured in a show called

 "Not Your Average Comfort Zone"

There will be paintings of all sizes - from 10x10" to 48x36".  I have priced them to be accessible to all art lovers.  Please consider joining us for some wine and cheese and a great selection of art.

There will be 17 pieces of mine there, all painted in the Intuitive method.  

In addition to the Sunday Opening, there is a "Thirsty Thursday" on January 26th, from 4-7 where a cash bar is available.  Probably less of a crowd, if you are concerned about that, more intimate and you can talk with all of the artists (in addition to me in the large gallery upstairs there will be art by Bee Given and Merle Poulton and in the small adjacent gallery is work by Susan Shaw, and in the gallery downstairs Richard Kattman and Charlotte Handy will be on display)

I hope to see you at one of the Openings!  Thanks for all your support throughout my creative journey!

Providence Art Club 
Maxwell Mays Gallery
11 Thomas Street, Providence RI 02903

Sunday, January 1, 2023

December 2022 Challenge: "Flow"


"Scituate Jetty" Oil Painting 8"X10" by Margaret Farrell Bruno A Plein Air painting I recently finished up. The ebb and flow of the ocean and tide is always a challenge when painting Plein Air. Paint quick or the rocks 

9x12 Grid Journal Page 

Grid Journaling is about flow. I begin by mapping out how many squares I want to work with. I then cover the grids with text using a fine line micron pen. In this one I used Haikus, which I write and keep in my phone notes. I added watercolor and then collage. The grids evolve as I work, but I intentionally place color and design to flow harmoniously throughout the piece. Happy New Year!

"FLOW", 48x48 acrylic, by Page Railsback

"POWER Plant In Nashville" 5x10 watercolor on arches cold press paper
by Sally Dean
The flow of electricity is often taken for granted. Until it is interrupted!

"Jelly Flow" 6x8 Acrylic on Gessobord by Kelley Carey MacDonald
It was a difficult thing to get this river of jelly running - I went to Dunkin's at 7 a.m. to get fresh, fresh jellies, only to find they must have been yesterday's and were stiff and all misshapen!  I coaxed the sweet stuff out as best I could!

"Voila - I love how the water flows through Venice!" 5x7"watercolor  by Pamela Copeman

"Another Lighthouse in Maine" 4x8 gouache by Jeanne MacFarland

“Tidal Flow Study”  9” x 12”  acrylic by Victoria Chesley Brega
“ A study to help solve foreground issues in a much larger painting of Four Score Tidemarsh in North Scituate, my favorite view from the house where I grew up…”

"A River Runs Through It" acrylic on paper by Jody Regan - the  Cut River flows through the Green Harbor area of Marshfield.  It looks benign and moves quickly.  Sweet spot. 

The Artist's Life

  "Aspirations" 14"X18" Water Media Study by Tori Chesley Brega  “Sometimes we soar, sometimes crash and burn;  striving...