Thursday, August 1, 2019

July 2019 Challenge: "Coastal"

Suggested by Jean MacFarland, this month we are posting an interpretation of 'Coastal'

"Haze", WIP, 30x30 Acrylic on Canvas by Kelley MacDonald
I wanted to do a non-representational painting because I have painted the coast of New England a hundred times.  Still working on it but I like the big blocks of variations on blue and gray.

"Overlook" by Jody Regan. One of my favorite places on the planet is Monhegan Island, ME. This is a view from above the village on Horn Hill, of the western coast of the island with the 10-mile distant coast of Maine along the horizon. 

"In theWeeds" by Paula Villanova 
A dinghy sits in the marsh grass at low tide. A heart formation rests in the yard in the foreground and has survived many high tides.

Gott's Island , Maine, WIP by Sally Dean Mello
Great Gotts  is a wonderful tiny island off the Acadia coast. It's extremely quiet, no cars, and very few people. My husband and I have friends here who let us stay in their cottage. We go every summer. I hiked with my gear to paint in this beautiful peaceful meadow on two gorgeous consecutive mornings.. The morning fog was clinging to the distant shore.It was so pretty I almost couldnt t stand it!
It was pretty hot in the field but the cool dark mossy woods were right there for relief. I took a break and  picked blueberries and made a pie that night. Yum.
16"x 20" acrylic on canvas

"Waves at Coastguard Beach" 6x6 oil on panel by Mary Sheehan Winn

Coastguard Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach in Eastham. High dunes slope down toward the water. Lots of surf on this late summer day last September.

"View from Damon's Point" 8"x10" oil on panel by Margaret Farrell Bruno
Morning calm on the North River on a very hot summer day Plein Air painting. The water was very pretty and fairly calm and I knew the light, winds and tidal height would change quickly as I progressed, so focussed on that area first as it was key to my composition.

"Perfect Peace" 6X12 oil on panel by Jeanne MacFarland

This was painted plein aire at my favorite spot called the cove in the coastal town of Duxbury.

Take Me Away by Pamela Copeman
I painted this boat with Safari Painters (Kelley MacDonald and Paula Villanova) in Hingham, at first glance I didn't care for it, but once I brought it home I began to fall in love with it...there is something very peaceful about it~ 12"x24" Oil

Victoria Chesley Brega “Coastal Vessels” Acrylic  9”x12”
Rafted working boats near Hull Gut

The Artist's Life

  "Aspirations" 14"X18" Water Media Study by Tori Chesley Brega  “Sometimes we soar, sometimes crash and burn;  striving...