Friday, January 1, 2021

December 2020 Challenge "New"


"NewYear in the Valley"Acrylic 16"x20" by Paula Villanova 
Looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020, due to coronavirus restrictions on travel, I have not left my home state of Massachusetts because I can't specifically quarantine since I work in a store a few days each week. I can't wait to go back to N.H. for a visit.

"New Every Morning" Oil 10"x10" by Jeanne MacFarland

"New Year's Celebration", 6x6 Acrylic on Archival Board by Kelley Carey MacDonald
Fireworks are beautiful, but many have been cancelled this year due to COVID concerns, and I agree with that completely, but NEXT year, I will be happy to celebrate what I am anticipating the end of a year full of good things.  For now... a quiet night of rest and a good movie with maybe an early toast will do it for me!  Happy 2021 everyone!  Shake the dust of 2020 off and hope for better things!

"Last Day 2020" 30"x30" Acrylic by Page Pearson Railsback

“New Groove”  8” x 8”  mixed media by Victoria Chesley Justice
    “Here’s to new dance partners to guide us in a better way through difficult times...”. 

“New Friends”  14” x 14”  pastel by Margaret Farrell Bruno
New little friends exploring friendship and the vast backyard.

"It's a New Day"  9 x 9 oil on canvas by Jody Regan.
                                    I have been walking in the woods, breathing in the fresh air, and I can feel a change coming.  Looking forward to the New Year,

My “new” puppy Ricky and his siblings
 8”x8’ oil by  by Sally Dean
Nothing is cuter than a puppy!

"New England Shore" Procreate iPad painting by Mary Sheehan Winn

"New Hopes and Dreams for 2021"10"x20" oil by Pam Copeman

The Artist's Life

  "Aspirations" 14"X18" Water Media Study by Tori Chesley Brega  “Sometimes we soar, sometimes crash and burn;  striving...